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My name is Tyler and I am a videographer/photographer from Victoria BC. I graduated University with a criminology degree and decided to take a different route to persue filmmaking. I have now travelled to over 30 countries filming and creating content for Brands around the world!

What’s the smallest act of kindness that’s had the biggest impact on you?

Someone let me borrow their little point and shoot camera for a trip. This was my first trip abroad. This is where my love for photography and videography came in and guided me for what my career is today.

Tell us a story about when a stranger showed you kindness:

Travelling to many places around the world, I have run into situations that are down right horrible. One night of my travels, I did not book a room. I was planning to just stay up at the bus station until the morning to catch my early bus. Someone started talking to me in Indonesian and gestured that she wanted to show me something. Looking back at it, I was always told not to follow strangers but I felt comfortable enough cause there were lots of people walking around. Luckily I followed and I was then greeted by her husband who invited me into their home and provided me with a place to stay at no charge. They even fed me breakfast and told me a lot about growing up on Bali. It was a night I wont forget.

Find more from Tyler:

Instagram: @tylermcave

Facebook: Tyler Cave Productions


Kate Finlay
Kate Finlay