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Hello! My name is Meg and I am a outdoor addict from Vancouver, BC. I spend my work week running a Marketing Agency with my lovely fiancee and the weekends exploring the mountains with my camera (and our puppy Bailey).

What's your life motto?

Live life by a compass, not a clock.

How do you try to bring more kindness into the world?

I think people forget that kindness doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. I believe it’s the little things that can make the biggest impact on someones day. I remind my loved ones regularly that they are valued and loved. Whether that be with an unexpected hello, picking up their lunch bill, or being there to listen when problems arise. But it’s also so easy to extend kindness outside of our inner circles! I make an effort to hold open doors, to chat regularly with my neighbours and to offer a genuine “Thank you, have a great day.” after every purchase I make. I remind myself day to day to take life slowly - the extra time to be kind can really go a long way.

Why do you think the world needs more kindness?

There is just way too much crazyness out there for our world to handle. Too much war, too much negativity, too much damage happening to our earth. If it keeps up, our lovely planet is at risk of crumbling to bits. A silver lining is that the “normals” of humanity outweigh the bad. If all of us “normals” make even the smallest conscious effort to be more kind everyday - think of the difference we could make on the global quality of life.

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Instagram: @megdelowsky

Blog: PNW Lifestyle

Kate Finlay
Kate Finlay