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Hey, I’m Ryan - founder of All Kinds of Kind, and the creator of the Kindness bracelet.

The idea for the All Kinds of Kind bracelet was originally inspired by a turbulent experience I had in the music industry.  While headlining a tour with my band in Europe, I suddenly entered a period of burnout.  After exiting the industry and going through a process of soul searching, I realized that it was a lack of authentic human connection I felt while in a scrutinizing spotlight that had lead to this downward spiral.  Back home, I recognized similar symptoms between the parallels I felt in the music industry, and the superficial measurements of success felt by many today.  I found myself again by reconnecting with my lost sense of genuine, simple, human kindness.

I made it my mission to create a product that would inspire the wearer to live these values - in order to feel a greater sense of fulfillment. From the beginning I knew that it had to be a product that was fashionably worn by both men and woman and something that would carry the weight of the purpose. Bracelets were the natural place to begin. I came up with a design for the product and means of delivering our message. With every purchase of an All Kinds of Kind bracelet, we do an act of kindness of your choosing. Then we put the giving in your hands. Your bracelet is your symbol to LiveKind.

Kindness to me has always revolved around 3 core pillars - kindness to self, to others and to the planet. Our bracelets aim to encompass every aspect of the word.

Part 1: Kindness to Planet.

Every product we make is what we call MadeKind. This means that every aspect of the product is considered with the environment in mind. For instance, one of our most popular designs - Moss - is crafted with Canadian Jade, Australian Sandalwood, and Northwest Mexican Onyx. Each bracelet is made in the USA and comes in a case made of 100% recycled chopsticks. Each bracelet and case is made in North America so we can completely oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish. This is particularly important with the allergy-free metals we choose in the design. The cord we select for each bracelet is also made in North America and widely considered the strongest on the market. We wanted to produce a timeless accessory that you can confidently take on an adventure or to the gym, rather than a design that contributes to fast fashion waste.

Part 2: Kindness to Self. 

It was important to create something that felt significant.  We wanted the wearer to feel the impact of their commitment to living a kind lifestyle.  People often comment on the weight of our bracelet.  This comes from the high quality components in the design and serve to signify your commitment to kind values.  The simple act of taking your bracelet out

of its case and putting it on your wrist therefore creates a mindful practice of your commitment. The case serves as a very important aspect of the bracelet. An average of 80 chopsticks are recycled for every All Kinds case which come from local restaurants and would otherwise be destined for landfill

Part 3: Kindness to Others.

3 feature gemstones on the top of each band represent the three pillars of kindness, as do the 3 elements that make up the bracelet (stone, metal and wood) and the 3 dots on the back of our elephant bead. When you purchase from our website, you select the act of kindness you would like us to do on your behalf. Choose the act of kindness that you’d like us to do or give the gift of kindness to someone else by choosing an act you feel would resonate with them.

It’s our goal to create truly kind products. By designing with the environment first, a built-in commitment to kind values, and including an act of kindness done with every purchase, we hope we have done just that. We believe in a world, where kindness creates connection. It’s our mission to inspire these moments. By choosing a bracelet from All Kinds of Kind, you are choosing to LiveKind.

Ryan Belitsky
Ryan Belitsky

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