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What does it really mean to live kind?

Kindness explorer Lucy-Claire is an inspirational photographer and writer living on Australia’s east coast.

The veteran blogger has been “on an adventure to understand [kindness]” over the past year. Through mindful reflection Lucy-Claire has identified four main categories of kindness that resonate with her. 

  • Kind beauty
  • Kind cooking
  • Kind home
  • Kind world

It’s fascinating to peek inside the mind of someone taking a wholistic look at kindness. The following excerpts are from Lucy-Claire’s piece, “Living a Kindness Inspired Life”. We love how she inspires us to think deeper about what it means to #livekind.

Kind beauty

“To me, kind beauty encompasses everything that it means to take care of ourselves best. This could include skincare, make up, hair care, meditation, faith and relaxation.”

“I also want to encourage you to look deeper to the beauty we all have inside us, in the beautiful ways that we have been graciously made, perfectly for who we are meant to be”

Kind cooking

“This is all about how we nourish our bodies and treat ourselves. Food was always a big part of my life growing up, and good food was always important.  Food is so central to everyone, its something we can all relate to because we all need it.”

“After all, food not only nourishes our tummies, but also enlivens our senses”

Kind home

“To me, a kind home means a warm and welcoming one. It feels safe, full of love, cosy and a real relaxation destination. It’s a place friends should feel welcome to come over whenever, always greeted with a smile and a hug, and somewhere that doesn’t just feel like a bunch of rooms, but a home filled with unique decor and personal touches. I want to celebrate home and enjoy time with friends and family over long home-cooked lunches or dinners. Share board-game nights with friends.”

Kind world

“This is all about others. Thinking of other people, being a part of a community, giving back to the community and the world, engaging in ways we can help the environment, make a difference and become involved. Living with the idea of a kind world is about thinking about things bigger than ourselves and not wondering how the world can give to us, but how we can give back to it. It encourages us to engage in the world, be a part of the world and have immense gratitude for what the world has so generously given us, and unselfishly be generous back.

If you’re an Instagrammer, you can connect with Lucy-Claire @mslucyclaire

At All Kinds of Kind we believe in a stronger and more connected world through kindness to others, yourself and the planet. We love Lucy-Claire’s perspective and we would love to hear about yours too! 

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Let’s make an impact.

Stevie Froese

Chief of Kindness

All Kinds of Kind

Stevie Froese
Stevie Froese

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January 23, 2019

Thank you so much for YOUR kindness. I love how you are spreading kindness yourselves and am so grateful for your kind words.

Wishing you all a kind, loving and inspirational new year ahead!

xx Lucy-Claire

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