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Hi Everyone!


I'm Mykenna, a 22 year old living just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I am an aspiring blogger, blogging from all things from beauty, fashion, positivity and inspiring others to love theirselves and the skin they are in. I also speak a lot about mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. After going through the hardest year of my life last year, I hope that sharing my experiences will help others and know that they can get through it!


My Life Motto:


Live everyday with a grateful, giving and kind heart. We all go through hardships in our lives, that we cannot forget that it’s our mission to give back and spread love and kindness to our lives and others!


Why do you think the world needs more kindness: 


For being 2020, there is still so much hatred in our world. That is so sad for me to admit, but its true. I think that we need to continue to remind people to be kind and loving towards everyone. And to accept all the diversity in our world, and use it as a positive thing. 


What’s the smallest act of kindness that has had the biggest impact on you?


Well as I mentioned above, last year was the toughest year for me. But with the help of family and friends and their positivity and kindness, I got through it. So since then, everyday I am always to spreading love and kindness to everyone around me. Because I truly believe that kindness can change the world. 


Dakota Barber
Dakota Barber