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Hi, I'm Coach Josh!

I work in the space where training meets the real world. My paradigm revolves around the idea that what you do in the gym, or in your training, should help you excel in your chosen endeavours out in the world. I call this, "Holistic Living."

For years I have been studying the body through manual therapies, health science, Chinese Medicine, and fitness. I dedicated six-years to teaching at a Melbourne based massage school to hone my communication and facilitation skills. During this time I also became a qualified powerlifting coach, a personal trainer, and started working as a strength coach and boxing coach. This diverse background has lead me to formulate my client's sessions using what I call "Adaptive Training."

When not coaching, you will find Josh outside exploring the world, or inside, exploring the world of music, literature, and writing.

Tell us a story about when a stranger showed you kindness:
My wife and I were over in Penang, Malaysia. We had spent the day hiking in the rain forest and were waiting by the side of the road for the bus. Little did we know, the afternoon busses weren't running because of a religious holiday. So, we were sitting there for the better part of an hour, when a local kid comes riding up on his moped. Through broken English, and gestures, he convinced me to jump on his scooter. We sped off and about 10-minutes down the road we came to a bus depot where the busses were still running! We zipped back to where my wife was still waiting, and he offered us his scooter, indicating that I should take my wife in one trip and come back and get him. This total stranger was willing to have us ride off with his bike so that we could catch a bus! Now that's an act of kindness!


How do you try to bring more kindness into the world?
After working in the clinical world of massage and healthcare, I found that the best way to create health is not to treat, but to teach and empower people to care for themselves. Being kind to yourself is the first step in being able to spread kindness to others.


Find more of Josh:

IG - @coachjoshwood
FB - /CoachJoshW
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