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Archive - A message from Ryan


Dear adventure-seeker,

I know what it’s like to travel far and wide just to find yourself again. In 2012, after leaving the music industry, I packed up my jaded heart and took a trip to Thailand. I wanted to get back to my creative roots and research globally-inspired jewelry designs. But more than that, I was craving authenticity and connection.

I found my way to an elephant sanctuary outside of Chiang Mai.  It was here - during this period of soul-searching - that I reconnected with some of the most important things in life; self-awareness, a sense of community, and respect for nature. And by connecting with strangers over a shared mission, I saw that kindness has the power to unite us on a global scale.

All Kinds of Kind was born from a belief that kindness is a way of life. It was inspired by a challenge to leave our world a little better than we found it. And it was fuelled by a desire to give personal style a purpose. The bracelet is gentle reminder to live these values each day.

What began as a humble idea has evolved into a global movement that is both inspiring more kindness on our planet and protecting the creatures on it. We’re a growing group of community-spirited individuals who are making a big difference with our small acts of kindness. And we’re proud to wear our ideals on our wrist, wherever the next adventure takes us.

Ryan Graeme



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